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Just Right {Casey}

Boudoir Video Shoot | Los Angeles Silver Lake Photographer |

Boudoir is my new thing. I absolutely love photographing women. Taking beautiful portraits of ourselves is liberating. What I love most is the way a client feels when they see a beautiful portrait of themselves. The word ‘Boudoir’ I think has a lot of weight and sounds so intimidating. The Boudoir photography we do is more about making our clients feel really comfortable with themselves. Images can be more on the suggestive side. See Casey’s Boudoir session for an example. It is all about the client and helping them discover what they want to bring out. Boudoir photography is something any woman can do. It’s liberating, empowering, and can be really freeing when we allow ourselves to show a very sensual side.

This video is something really special for me. I took a morning to video Casey along with a few photography stills. I spend a crazy amount of time watching short movies on Vimeo.com. I can see how watching all these videos has influenced my work. I am really proud of my growth. Watch and enjoy. It is a beautiful piece.


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Boudoir videos are amazing fun and we would love to work with you. Send us an email at info @ miajphoto.com
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